IPVF/GeePs Internship: Development of Two-Photon Luminescence Microscopy Imaging Technique for the Characterization of Photovoltaic Absorbers

Contract type: Internship

Starting date: January 2021

Duration: 6 months

Working Place: GeePs, Gif-sur-Yvette (Paris area)

Education: Master 2 ; Engineer

Salary: Salary grid

IPVF in brief

Become an actor of the Energy Transition by joining a team driven by innovation and impact to address today’s most decisive challenges.

IPVF – Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France, is a global Research, Innovation and Education center, which mission is to accelerate energy transition through science & technology.

Gathering industrial PV leaders (EDF, Total, Air Liquide, Horiba and Riber) and world-renowned academic research teams (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique), multi-disciplinary and international IPVF teams conduct research for clean energy technologies.

Supported by the French State, IPVF is labelled Institute for Energy Transition (ITE).

IPVF at a glance:

  • An ambitious Scientific and Technological Program: from tandem solar cell technologies to economy & market assessment, state-of-the art characterization, photocatalysis and concepts breakthrough.
  • A state-of-the-art technological platform: more than 100 tools, located in cleanrooms (advanced characterization, materials deposition, prototypes for fabrication, modelling…).
  • A high-standard Education program (M.S. and PhD students).

Job context

This internship holds in the luminescence project, in program 4: Characterization, Reliability and modeling. The GeePs lab is an IPVF partner specialized in electrical and optoelectronical characterization of solar cells. As part of our experimental setups, with a platform based on a confocal microscope, we can locally perform multiple characterization techniques at a sub micrometric scale to characterize photovoltaic (PV) absorbers. Among this techniques we can perform optical characterization techniques (µ-Raman, µ-Photoluminescence) and near field microscopy (Atomic Force Microscopy). Recently we decided to develop the two-photon microscopy technique on this platform in both continuous and time resolved domains. This innovative characterization technique is now in development and will open a new dimension in our characterizations: luminescence depth profiling on PV multi junctions.

IPVF Research Program involving this internship position: https://ipvf.fr/jean-paul-kleider-philip-schulz-and-daniel-ory-introducing-programme-4-characterization-modeling-reliability/

Main missions

  • The candidate will contribute to the development of the two-photon luminescence technique. The missions will be:
  • Bibliographic work on Two-photon technique, non-linear optics, light matter interaction, luminescence in the temporal domain (TRPL/TCSPC)
  • Handle the experimental setup and characterize its optical elements individually to evaluate their impact on the femtosecond laser pulse (temporal and spectral degradation inducing a fall of two photon effect)
  • Design, integration and tests of a dispersion compensation optical setup
  • Setup and tests of the TCSPC technique
  • Possibility to participate to measurement campaigns

Expected profile


  • Good skills in optics
  • Optical design
  • Software: Zemax/Solidworks


  • Good experimental work skills
  • Use of Lasers
  • Instrumentation
  • Reports and oral presentations

Self-management skills

  • Autonomous and rigorous
  • Teamwork


Cover letter and CV to be sent to : alexandre.jaffre@centralesupelec.fr and jose.alvarez@centralesupelec.fr

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